5 Secrets To Choosing A Meeting Venue That Will Impress Your Boss

5 Secrets To Choosing A Meeting Venue That Will Impress Your Boss

You know how it goes. Your boss has asked you to find a conference venue for 40 people with good catering and a video connection to the Melbourne office.

So how do you know what to look for when searching for a venue? Short of turning to your same old go-to (that may or may not be the best possible option for your event)?

This best practice approach takes the guesswork out of assessing potential venues. Find a company that can deliver this wish list, and you can queue the boss’ praise at the end of your successful event.

1. Find a venue where the extras don’t cost extra

Your first thought when it comes to finding an impressive conference venue might be a luxury hotel. However, be aware hotels tend to charge extra every time you need to use a projector or any other necessities you require. The bill can quickly add up, especially when factoring in catering and other costs. It’s wiser to opt for a dedicated conference venue where your must-haves are included by default.

2. All technological infrastructure wasn’t created equal

Video conferencing facilities are one thing, but good video conferencing facilities are another.

There’s no point having the Melbourne office linked via video if the venue’s internet doesn’t have the bandwidth to handle it. Frequent interruption by freezing, buffering and fuzziness is a meeting organiser’s worst nightmare! This applies equally to network speeds, data security, and a venue’s ability to assist with special IT requests.

Take a holistic approach to assessing a venue’s technology offering. Consider internet speed, the capabilities of the video conferencing system (especially whether it’s high-definition), and the availability of technical support. You’ll also want to think about data security and their ability to meet any other specific requirements you may have.

3. Lunch can be so much more exciting than sandwiches

Sandwiches can certainly be delicious, but it can become a little mundane for the taste buds (and the imagination) every time those glad-wrapped silver trays are trotted out of the fridge during a corporate event.

Choose a venue where delegates have the choice of the hot chicken fettuccine, the Greek salad and the egg and lettuce on wholemeal, and you’ll keep everyone happy.

4. The quality (and availability) of breakout areas is important

Breaks are important to productive meetings, therefore the spaces you spend them in are equally important. When shortlisting potential venues, consider whether separate breakout spaces are available and the quality of these spaces. How big are they? How modern are they? Do they have good coffee, Wi-Fi and power points? A venue that offers spacious breakout areas will make a big impact on the overall feel of your day, not to mention significantly improve networking opportunities.

5. Service, service, service

Last but not least, prioritise a venue with good service. When venue service is excellent, extra little requests are no trouble and your event flows smoothly with the assistance of a capable and professional team. Not only will good service reduce your workload, it will eliminate the stress of fretting over how you’ll cope with unplanned disasters on the day.

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