Event Management

SEAMLESS event planning and delivery

Discover event management and planning made easy

Not enough hours in the day? Meet your corporate event delivery HQ for easy, low-time investment event delivery.

Book, edit or cancel events in bulk online with Cliftons Client Portal

Strip back the time and cost heavy process of bulk event planning. With Cliftons Client Portal, you can add or amend dates, upload run sheets and course materials, request your room arrangements and much more. Our online system is a meeting planner’s best friend! In addition to all of this, you track your planned and delivered events easily with the reporting feature.

Dedicated support to help you plan

Enjoy your very own event manager to finalise all event details for you. They’ll be there to ensure dates and times are correct, room setup is arranged, materials are managed, and any requests are taken care of.

Guest registration and organisation

Events are easier when you know your attendees are looked after. From the moment they set foot in our venue, we can make sure they know where they need to be. 

Bulk printing and course material handling

Hand over the logistics of your printing and material handling to us. Ideal for exams or training courses, arrive to find the legwork done for you. 

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Replicate your events globally with Cliftons

Did you know you Cliftons can deliver your entire event schedule, anywhere in the world? Forget the tiresome process of organising multiple events with multiple venues. Leverage our network of premium venues and partner venues with Cliftons Global Event Solutions.