Five Everyday Project Management Omissions

Project managers operate under great pressure to deliver result with impacts… so when mistakes happen, they can be disastrous.

With the ‘busyness’ that’s unavoidable in project management, it’s incredibly easy to find yourself taking shortcuts or failing to get around to proper planning and process. But such omissions only lead to worse repercussions down the line. In this eBook, veteran program manager and past president of PMI Julia Checchia shares five omissions that lead to project disaster, and the hygienic practices you can follow each and every day to guarantee your project is a success!

You will learn:

  • The 5 most significant ways projects go off-track from Day 1
  • Why omissions happen, and the impacts that occur when laziness or ‘busyness’ gets in the way of process
  • Fail-safe practices you can employ to ensure your projects go to plan, every time

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Five Everyday Project Management Omissions

About Julia Checchia

Julia has served as President of PMI and has a hefty CV in project and program management for organisations such as PWC, UNSW, Service Now, Hitachi and IBM. She is qualified as a scrum master, product owner, project management professional and program manager, and she also trains and mentors.

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Five Everyday Project Management Omissions