COVID-19 and you survey

Events in the era of COVID-19: Discover what’s working… and what’s not!

In our recent customer survey, we asked a range of industry professionals working in HR, L&D, Marketing & Events, IT, Finance, Procurement, Operations, Administration and Sales across 12 countries and 17 industries about their experiences running virtual and in person meetings and events in a post-COVID world.

Not so surprisingly, several key shifts can be observed in the way successful organisations conduct meetings and events in the wake of COVID-19. For example, 80% of survey respondents reported running more digital events – but how successful they feel that’s been may surprise you. Discover their experiences now to avoid a learning curve and deliver flawless events of your own – without the hassle!


What barriers made the transition to digital meetings and events difficult?

IT infrastructure

IT and tech was identified as a key barrier

And it’s little wonder. When technology falls over, you can be left red-faced with presentation disasters on your hands. Poor image and sound quality, network dropouts, and presentation or video loading issues can make your team look unprofessional and ill prepared – and undo the hours of work that went into planning. Cliftons can help make this easy and excellent, ensuring your message is delivered in the way you envisaged it. We have the IT infrastructure, bandwidth, AV solutions and personnel to ensure your event is a success.

Business preparedness

Business preparedness issues

Your business may not have thought of itself as a digital presentation company until suddenly it needed to be! Competing resource requirements and the importance of focussing on your core business strategy means you may not have the bandwidth to ramp up and mobilise professional virtual and hybrid events as quickly as you would like to. Stay focussed on your strategy and what you need to do, while Cliftons looks after the delivery. We are prepared and ready to help you deliver your messaging to whoever you need to get it to wherever they are.

Lack of face-to-face engagement

Lack of face-to-face engagement

People are inherently social and not having that face-to-face engagement impedes networking opportunities, building rapport with new clients and open discussions with colleagues. Cliftons offers hybrid events offering the best of both worlds, allowing a rich and inclusive event experience regardless of whether your attendees participate in-person or virtually. View Cliftons Elevate for Cliftons Elevate to experience a dynamic hybrid event firsthand.

If you need a safe space to come in and plan or present take a look at Cliftons workplace and venues and our Be Safe Face to Face protocols – allowing you to safely engage in times of COVID-19.

Improve your digital event prowess

Take your digital events to the next level. Take a look at these handy guides and resources:

Talk to Cliftons today about how to make your digital, hybrid and in person events exceptional!

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