Building Activation

Future-proofing solutions for landlords

Assisting landlords to enhance commercial space to attract high-value tenancies

What is building activation?

Tenant requirements have evolved rapidly in recent years, and so have their expectations. Increasingly, landlords must create value within office developments, beyond provision of physical accommodation. They must curate desirable services within work spaces to deliver holistic tenant experiences and sought after shared office community ecosystems. And achieving this necessitates partnerships between landlords and operators.

What it encompasses

In an office building, activation can include installation of mixed-use flexible workspace, meeting rooms, event areas and business lounges. It can also incorporate lifestyle features such as cafes, executive dining facilities, concierge services, and premium end-of-trip facilities.

The work place model increasingly in demand by tenants
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How the quest for talent is driving demand

Put simply, building activation is about offering a holistic, intangible experience for talent: The cornerstone of all corporate occupiers.

Key to driving companies’ thirst for experiential workplace is the ultimate pursuit of attracting and retaining a talented work force. But not only does dynamic, livable space allow businesses to attract the best and brightest. It motivates and empowers such employees to achieve their best, while enjoying doing so. 

There are powerful connections between engagement and profitability. In fact, according to Gallup, engaged staff are associated with an incredible 21% higher profitability. It’s little wonder that the trend continues to grow as more companies seek to capitalise on their people’s potential.

Benefits for Commercial Landlords

  • Meet occupier demands and stay competitive
  • Deliver holistic user experience through activated work places
  • Upgrade tenancy profiles and effectively retain tenants (and higher rentals)
  • Realise revenue potential through better utilisation of space
  • Identify new potential income streams and increased revenue from amenity operators
Computer rooms
Breakout Areas

Benefits for Occupiers

  • On-demand access to various amenities and flexible work spaces
  • Flexibility of lease terms and office design
  • Reduction of rental and fit out costs (through elimination of underutilised space)
  • Staff retention (through enhanced amenities and employee experience)
  • Networking opportunities (to support new business ideas and drive innovation)

Cliftons simplifies building activation for landlords

As the operator of amenity-rich corporate event, meeting, dining and work space, Cliftons uncomplicates building activation for landlords. We install and manage contemporary, experiential features that drive high profile tenancies and rental yields. 

Cliftons works with your individual requirements to tailor solutions to your unique space.

See Cliftons building activation in action

Learn about our operation of Parmelia House’s café in Perth, Western Australia.

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Building Activation