Why Hybrid Events are the Event Solution you Need in Today’s Uncertain Landscape

benefits of hybrid events

Hybrid events are fast evolving to be a staple mode of event delivery in an increasingly globalised, digitalised and let’s face it… uncertain world. But what exactly are they, and what are the benefits over traditional face-to-face or purely digitally run events?

What are hybrid events?

Hybrid events essentially give contemporary event attendees choice between attending in person or attending virtually. Whatever type of event you’re planning, whether a town hall, conference, seminar or training session, you can offer places for both. Would they like a face-to-face experience, or would they prefer to join online from the convenience of their respective location – wherever that may be?

Hybrid combines both physical events with virtual elements to give a duality that creates the ultimate flexibility for the delegate. And just as providing an optional delivery mode increase your event’s reach, so does it increase its potential for success and return on investment.

What they are not...

Hybrid events aren’t just about having a group of mute virtual attendees look on silently as they would during the average webinar. It’s about making the experience for digital attendees as rich and interactive as it would be as if they were physically in the room with the face-to-face participants.

why hybrid events

Why hybrid means growth

When you hold an event, its success largely depends on the number of attendees you can drive to register and follow through to show up on the day. With hybrid, you exponentially increase the number of attendees you can host. Removing the need for attendees to travel to and from your event significantly improves the chance they will make the effort.

With such impediments removed, it also means you can drastically expand the number of people you can invite and host. Provided time zones allow it, regional and international barriers are effectively eliminated.

Even some locally based invitees with busy schedules will appreciate the flexibility of digital attendance. And if they enjoy the experience and find your content interesting, there’s a good chance you’ll see them in person next time around.

Financially, it means you can greatly expand your audience without increasing the catering and venue space costs that you have for your face-to-face audience. What’s more, monitoring the effectiveness of your content is much simpler to gauge with the data that you can gather and analyse through an online delivery method. For those that attend virtually, you can track participation and find out what elements resonated with your audience (and which didn’t).

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Protection against uncertainty

If there’s one powerful benefit to hybrid events that we haven’t yet explored, it’s the insurance policy they effectively create in an era of pandemics, restrictions and unplanned disruption. When you offer a hybrid format, it means your event can always go ahead and attend virtually if face-to-face attendance becomes unviable.

Key ingredients you need to produce (outstanding) hybrid events

To make your mark, you will need a few key things:

  • A hybrid event platform, or better yet, a venue offering hybrid as an option so that you can host both your physical and virtual participants with one provider easily
  • Great event content that involves plenty of opportunities for virtual attendees to feel like they’re really in the room
  • Reliable corporate internet speeds and ideally an IT support team to do the heavy lifting on setting up your hybrid event professionally. You also want to know you have someone to step in if you encounter any glitches along the way

Why not offer your next event as a hybrid?

With Cliftons contemporary corporate event spaces and next generation hybrid events platform, you have the ultimate flexibility in designing the event that suits your business’ needs.

Enquire now about a hybrid event with Cliftons.

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