3 Ideas To Make Your Next Training Session More Engaging

3 Ideas To Make Your Next Training Session More Engaging

We’ve all been there. Those training sessions where you can barely keep your eyes open while the instructor drones on and on.

Don’t let your training become monotonous! Here are just three ideas to shake up the delivery of your next session.

1. Make Training Interactive

Many organisations are turning to creative ways to make their training more engaging. One recent innovation, ‘Gamification’, works on the premise that adults love to play games as much as children.

An approach we have seen work exceptionally well is the incorporation of a team based ‘game show’ or quiz, using tools such as Qwizdom. Not only do these create lively competition and engagement with content, they can also provide detailed statistical data on an individual group, curriculum, and instructor performance.

When run well, games add a little fun to classroom, lifting group energy and increasing buy-in to the session.

2. Use Blended Learning

Many instructor led (synchronous) sessions dilute benefits by attempting to drill in understanding with endless slides or reading from notes. An asynchronous approach (where learning tasks occur at different times) is a more effective way to do it.

To take an asynchronous approach, use online learning portals to set tasks outside class time, or assign pre-reading for learners to complete prior to arriving on the day. Sending your group an interesting article or blog to read will get them thinking ahead of the session, prime their interest, and lay the foundations for a productive day in the classroom.

When in the classroom, take advantage of the diversity of your participant group. Use their combined skills and knowledge to incorporate interest and make learning relevant to them. Designing courseware that drives idea sharing, problem solving and knowledge confirmation will ensure that your participants get the most out of your programme.

3. Use Social Media… Sensibly

Social media tools can add a great deal to your curriculum when used effectively, and we have seen clients use tools like LinkedIn, blogs, Twitter and Facebook successfully. Just don’t be tempted to incorporate social media for the sake of it.

Your group won’t be impressed if there’s no discernible point to a social media based exercise. Ask yourself, is this the most effective way to teach the concept, or am I including social media for superficial reasons (i.e. to make the training seem ‘cool’)?

If there is no real justification, you’re better off looking at more meaningful ways to make the session interesting.

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