3 Reasons Every Team Should Finish (or Start) the Year With a Strategy Meeting

3 Reasons Every Team Should Finish (or Start) the Year With a Strategy Meeting

At the turn of the new year, most of us are either winding down before the Christmas break – or gently settling back into the groove after it.

Social diaries are fuller than at any other time, and there are endless friends and relatives to catch up with. Often the last thing you might be thinking about at this time is your strategy for the next year. But perhaps that’s exactly what you should be doing. Here are three persuasive arguments for doing just that before you head off for the year – or return in January.

1. You will reap the benefits of an organised start to the new year

An end-of year (or beginning of year) strategy session is key to being prepared for a strong year to follow. This is your chance to get the jump on January and breathe some organisation into your first quarter. With the team in positive spirits, it’s the ideal time to harvest this energy and channel it towards a three or six month look forward.

What will your strategy be for the coming year? What challenges or changes lay ahead? Sitting down together to map out the road ahead will save time and ensure you run a tight, goal-oriented ship. Update your team calendar if you have one (if not, now is the perfect time to create one).

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2. You can reflect on the year’s successes (and learn from your mistakes)

 With a year’s worth of achievements under your belt, the new year is a logical check point from which to look back and de-brief. What has worked well in the past twelve months and why? What could be improved? By having an honest appraisal with the team, you can unearth, improve or solve issues you didn’t know existed. Agree on new processes as a team to rollout from January.

3. It’s a rare opportunity for a distraction-free celebration with the team

If you can’t bring the team together before Christmas or post New Years Eve, when can you? This is the time to acknowledge each team member’s unique contributions over the last year. Thank them with an informal wrap up or consider holding a mini awards ceremony. It could even be humorous.

Studies have shown that recognising individual’s efforts lead to lower turnover and happier employees, so it’s important not to miss this opportunity to say thank you.

Hosting your end-of-year strategy meeting in a venue like Cliftons has several advantages over your own meeting rooms. For one, you have contemporary meeting spaces equipped with everything you need (but without the disturbances you’re guaranteed to experience in the office). Secondly, you have delectable cuisine at your fingertips to turn it into a proper celebration. Why not meet ahead of the meeting for a gourmet breakfast at the venue? Or stick around for a drink at the end of the day?

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your full or half-day strategy session now.

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