This Is What The Perfect Business Event Menu Looks Like

This Is What The Perfect Business Event Menu Looks Like

During a full day of training or conferencing, the brain needs to absorb vast amounts of new information and stay engaged.

So it’s a no-brainer (excuse the pun) that delegates require nutritious, slow energy release foods that will keep them energised all day long.

According to the Heart Foundation, a healthy diet should include plenty of fruit and vegetables, wholegrains, lean proteins, unsaturated fats and dairy. Yet just one in five people eat the recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables.

All too often a training day catering menu involves far too much pastry, and far too few plants.

While delicious, energy dense high-GI foods cause energy slumps that will have your delegates falling asleep before they make it to the afternoon break.

Cliftons poached eggs with smashed avocado


We all know the saying breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so take the chance to fuel your attendees up with the right nutrients for a productive day ahead.

This means protein (such as eggs, yoghurt or milk), a serve of good fat (such as avocado), and wholegrains (such as wholemeal toast or low-sugar muesli) for slow even energy release throughout the day. A serve of leafy green vegetables at breakfast is a bonus too.

And don’t forget the fruit. The Heart Foundation recommend having a mix of colours to ensure your attendees get a variety of important minerals and vitamins.

Fresh fruit and yogurt pots

Morning tea, snacks and afternoon tea

Go for delicious, yet nutritious.

Ensure your venue offers healthy snacks for break times, such as whole or chopped fruit (again, in rainbow colours for max vitamins), yoghurt and chia pots, and sandwiches on whole grain bread. As long as pastries and cakes aren’t the focus of the meal, it’s ok to offer these on the side.


Lunch should be healthy but never be boring (and if it is, perhaps it’s time to change your venue!). Lunch is critical for refuelling delegates’ energy sources and restoring their mental focus for the afternoon, so it’s important to get the balance right.

Go for a menu that hits all the essential macronutrient groups, with plenty of vitamins and minerals in the mix.

Think hearty protein-based dishes such as slow-cooked chicken or lamb (with a similar legume-based option for your vegetarians), and plenty of leafy green salads. Wholemeal sandwiches and low-fat soups are also great options that tick all the boxes.

salmon canapes

And if you’re sticking around to celebrate…

At the final hour, your canape selection needn’t blow out a successful day of nutritious eating.

Minimise your choices from the deep fried section of the menu, and instead have your venue serve up delicious lean options such as ceviche, vegetable skewers, salmon or tuna croquettes, san choy bow and rice paper rolls.

Your happy and healthy group will thank you for it.

Explore delectable cuisine options for you event.

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