When Global Upheaval Threatens Business Continuity, Turn to Tech

business continuity strategies

Major incidences like natural disasters, pandemics and cyber threats can have significant business impacts, particularly when they last for months. But smart workarounds can be all it takes to protect your operations.

If you ever need a reminder that the world is an uncertain place, 2020 has so far provided a vigorous wake-up call. From the evolving coronavirus outbreak to Australia’s bushfire emergency, there has been valid cause for concern. 

That is why ensuring you have fallback options in your business continuity plan is key to riding out the storm unscathed. When you are forced to cancel company kick-offs and events due to unavoidable circumstances, it doesn’t need to impact your bottom line. 

Thanks to a world of technology and services, there are a plethora of convenient tech-based solutions to preserve your business’ operations. In this article, we will examine a couple of these solutions.

Take advantage of virtual training and conferences

Can’t bring your people together in one location? No problem. Use technology to bring them together virtually. With some venues offering incredible video conferencing solutions, there is no limit to what you can achieve, even from a laptop.

At Cliftons, virtual rooms setups involve multiple cameras positioned around your room to allow instructors to teach both local and/or remote delegates. Simultaneously, remote delegates can see the instructor, whiteboard and other participants via video linked screens. And the configuration is completely customisable. You can choose a classroom or seminar layout depending on your event and connect up to 25 sites.

As an example of effective use of such tech, one prominent Cliftons customer from the financial industry uses such technology to great success for their ongoing classroom training.

With delegates based across the country, virtual learning ensures their education programs continue without requiring remote based delegates to travel. Another (high-profile learning institute) host their lectures virtually with Cliftons, thus allowing students to participate regardless of where they’re based.

video conference

Hold a webinar or video conference

When you can’t meet your team or associates in person, a simple solution is to hold a webinar. With ability to reach 1000 people at a time, it’s convenient, cost-effective and recordable – providing even greater flexibility if you require it.

If you don’t have the time to configure and organise a webinar yourself, simply have a provider do it for you. At Cliftons, techs handle all the logistics for you, managing the technical setup and registration.

Or rely on a team of tech-savvy global event facilitators

With significant impacts to business activities in some countries and things on freeze, you may be faced with confusion over how to achieve your priorities for the quarter.

International event planning consultants can both recommend an intelligent workaround course of action and get your business flowing, whether through technology, alternate locations or event services.

You’d be surprised how much you can still do with their expertise, service facilitations, venue relationships and infrastructure in your corner. They will have their finger on the pulse of developments and be able to suggest a course of action accordingly.

temporary workplace

And if necessary, split operations to protect continuity

Where necessary, split your operations to manage risk and ensure business continuity. This includes relocating employees if necessary, especially if your building is no longer available for use. You can ensure capacity to operate from alternate sites or locations for extended periods of time.

You could also consider establishing contracts or memorandums of understanding with nearby workplace providers in the event of availability issues in a contingency situation. As long as your staff have access to internet connectivity, laptops and power, you can keep up momentum and carry on.

Business continuity essentials:

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