Cliftons Art Prize

Started in 2001, Cliftons Art Prize is an annual competition that helps raise the profiles of local emerging artists and encourages corporate patronage of the arts.

At Cliftons, we believe visually stimulating environments enrich the learning experience. With a long standing commitment to visual arts, we are proud to host Cliftons Art Prize for another year.

Every year, local artists across Asia Pacific are encouraged to enter the online competition with a submission of their artwork. Entries are reviewed by independent and accomplished judges, who bring a wealth of experience to the art scene. Once finalists are selected, Cliftons will host an exhibition at each venue to showcase the finalists’ artworks.  

The competition concludes with an awards evening, where a local artist at each Cliftons location will receive an award of AUD$2,000. Winners will automatically be shortlisted for the coveted Cliftons Art Prize, an award of AUD$10,000.

Cliftons Art Prize celebrates excellence in art communities across Asia Pacific.

Visit the Cliftons Art Prize website for more information