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Who we are

At Cliftons, we’re more than just exceptional venues for conferences, training and corporate events. We’re seasoned event delivery experts who create remarkable experiences through extensive IT solutions, delectable dining and unparalleled services. We’re constantly pushing to the forefront, offering inspiring new products like workplace and next-gen building activation services. 

With venues across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore (plus venue partnerships everywhere else), we make seamless global event delivery effortless. We’re proud that leading companies have been choosing us since 1997. 

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Cliftons Values

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We are authentic. We say what we are going to do, and we do it. You can depend on us.
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We are accountable for our actions. We take ownership and ensure we get results.
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We support each other through open communication to achieve our shared goals.
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We take initiative, generate new ideas and embrace change. We can make a difference.
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We are enthusiastic and ambitious. We take pride in our work and know that we can deliver.
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Above all we have fun! We like the work we do and the people we work with.

Meet our Teams


From our chefs to our catering service team, Cliftons hospitality teams are the powerhouses responsible for bringing our renowned delicious dining experiences to life. And it really is delicious.

Sales & Marketing

Our internal and field sales teams create solutions for our clients’ events and training (and have serious fun doing it). Our marketers support them with visually-alluring campaigns and content that engage - and help our audience.

Service Delivery

Venue managers, operations teams, floor coordinators, invigilators – a lot goes on behind the scenes in event delivery. Creating remarkable experiences isn’t easy, but these guys manage to make it appear seamless, every time.

Bookings Team

Arguably the engine room of head office, our dedicated event managers bring every event to life from sheer data in the system. We don’t know what we’d do without them.

Finance and HR

While our clever finance team make sure all the numbers add up (and handle the things the rest of us have no clue how to do), our HR team build the teams we all love to be part of.


From complex AV setups to troubleshooting, our IT technicians and tech gurus are there to make our event (and offices) flow smoothly.

Why join Cliftons?

Our clients may include large blue-chip companies, but inside Cliftons we’re a friendly and down-to-earth bunch with a family vibe. In fact, having fun is one of our company values! Whether it’s laughing over drinks on Friday afternoons or our relaxed (music-friendly) offices, you’re bound to feel welcome here. We are a mixed bunch, and we are proud of our cultural, gender and age diversity that makes us stronger.

Employee benefits

  • On-the-job coaching and development
  • Parental leave and support
  • Local recognition rewards
  • Regular celebrations and fun team events
  • Wellness benefits such as standing desks and fresh fruit

Why we love working at Cliftons

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